PowerArm - Arduino and Android Game

Develop a 3D puzzle game (labyrinth type) which provides an enhanced interactive experience for the player, using two physical devices (one custom built & a mobile phone) to augment the user interaction with the game. These devices will be used to control the game character actions. The custom physical device will interpret hand/finger gesture and will serve as a way to control the playable character and/or quickly switch between weapons (making a fist – the weapon will turn into a mace; thumb and index finger up and the other three down – resembling a pistol – the weapon will turn into a pistol). The mobile phone will act as a simple radar device for game (it will display a portion of the map seen from above). The mobile device will also be able to interpret a small number of voice commands from the user (quit, pause, resume etc). The game will essentially be single-leveled although in the future it could be extended to use multiple levels and it will focus on users that have a passion for first-person shooters (people of ages 10+).

Course: Human-Computer Interaction

Taught by: PhD. Sabin C. Buraga

Teaching assistant: Stefan Negru


Website: students.info.uaic.ro/~daniel.vicol/hci/wordpress/