MuSe - Museum Explorer

Develop a mobile application/device that guides a museum visitor. The application could be downloaded via a public/private app store by using the QR code printed on the museum ticket. The mobile application/device will take advantage of the position of the user in the museum (using sensor networks, NFC, RFID, etc.) to determine where (s)he is and provide her/him useful audio and visual information on the device. If a visitor wants to find out more, (s)he would walk to certain exhibits and find out more (for example, each exhibit could provide its specific QR code). At the end of the tour, the application will offer an overview and the photo album (s)he took along the way presented as time line. This photo album – plus the user impressions regarding the tour – could be also shared on several significant social networks.

The use case chosen for this project was Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Course: Human-Computer Interaction

Taught by: PhD. Sabin C. Buraga

Teaching assistant: Stefan Negru