ComA - Commuter Assistant

There are a lot of people who commute (from students to business people, from people who go on a holiday to backpackers) and they all need to get at their destination on time or simply catch a travel connection. Develop a mobile application that syncs your alarm clock with the bus/train/subway/tram/street traffic schedule or status. Other rules could be specified – for example, if the traffic has a good status (not too crowded or overcrowded), then it will let you sleep more. If you get an important e-mail with a meeting, then it will sync with the traffic and let you know exactly when you need to get out the door to be on time for the meeting (automatic e-mails will be sent to the people attending the meeting to let them know you are running late). The application must also consider aspects regarding the legal holidays or weekends.

Course: Human-Computer Interaction

Taught by: PhD. Sabin C. Buraga

Teaching assistant: Stefan Negru

Student: Paul Nechifor