Blind Beethoven - Music application for visually impaired

In a parallel universe, Ludwig van Beethoven (famous composer and pianist) is born in an era where ubiquitous computing is highly developed. Over time, he lost his sight, but he can still compose and play the piano and also recognize several musical scores. However, he will enjoy to use a device to help him to compose music, including to manage different versions of a certain musical work, and/or navigate on the Web (e.g., for example, to share his musical preferences with Franz Schubert or Goethe on

Part of the Mozilla Labs Student Outreach at A. I. Cuza University of Iasi, Romania.

Course: Human-Computer Interaction

Taught by: PhD. Sabin C. Buraga

Teaching assistant: Stefan Negru


  • Marina Cufliuc
  • Cristian-Alexandru Dragusanu
  • Andreea Alexandra Iuga
  • Petronela Stan