Formal Languages, Automata and Compilers
Course information
  • Course teachers : Lect. Dr. Oana Otilia Captarencu, Lect Dr. Alex Moruz
  • Seminar teachers:
    • Lect. Dr. Oana Otilia Captarencu (2E1, 2E2, 2A1, 2A2)
    • Lect. Dr. Alex Moruz (2E3, 2E4, X, 2A5)
    • Lect. Dr. Simona Varlan (2B1, 2A6)
    • Assist. Drd. Bogdan Prelipcean (2A3, 2A4)
    • Assist. Dr. Diana Gratie (2B2, 2B3, 2B4, 2B5)
  • Course content and bibliography
Evaluation system
  • Structure: 7 seminars, 6 laboratories.
  • Final score: P = 2.5*SA + 2.5*LA + 5 * T
    • SA = seminar activity (max 10 points) = A + ST
      • A: 2 points for the activity during the seminar
      • ST: 8 points for written test
    • LA = laboratory activity (max 10 points)
      • homework (10 points)
      • Aditional points can be obtained by solving proposed problems during the laboratory
    • T written test during the examination session
    • Minimal conditions for passing the exam: SA >=3, LA >=3, SA + LA >=10, T >=5, final score >=50
  • The final grade is obtained using the Gauss distribution
Online activity
Laboratory and seminar general rules
  • Every student must attend the laboratories and seminars with the group he/she is registered in.
  • Any extrordinary situation that might require attending the seminar/laboratory with other group must be announced (the laboratory teacher will establish the way in which te activity must be re-scheduled).
  • The seminary written test (ST) cannot be re-taken during the re-examnination session!

  • Special information for students who failed the exam in the past 2 years: any of the grades over 5 obtained in the previous years for LA, SA can be taken into account this year.


Laboratory attendance is mandatory. Any absence will lead to penalties in the final grade for the homework.

  • The homework must be solved in teams consisting of 2 students (from the same group).