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Captarencu Oana Otilia

Formal Languages, Automata and Compilers

Results for re-examination: (IIA,IIB), II E, III
Any clarifications regarding the results are to be made by email, until February the 11th (Monday), 10:00 , as follows:
  • TS1 - O. Captarencu
  • TS2 - A. Moruz

Results for TS2: (IIA,IIB), II E, III
Any clarifications regarding the results are to be made by email, until January the 29th (Tuesday), 19:00 , as follows:
  • IIA1, IIA2 - B. Prelicpean
  • IIA3, IIA5, IIB1, IIB4, IIB6, X, IIE - A. Moruz
  • IIA4, IIA6, IIA7, IIB2,IIB3, IIB5 - O. Captarencu
Please also check the seminar/laboratory results.
The re-examination will take place on February the 6th, as follows:
  • 10:00-11:00 II, IIE,X: C2, C112 - TS1
  • 11:00-12:00 II, IIE,X: C2, C112 - TS2
  • 12:15-13:00 C412 laboratory test (if LA < 5 AND SA >= 5)
Notice: after the re-evaluation of the laboratory test, LA can be at most 5!

Results for the partial test (TS1): (IIA,IIB), II E, III
Any clarifications regarding the results, are to be made by email, until November the 23rd (Friday), 14:00 with your seminar teachers.

The partial exam will take place on Monday as follows:
  • 12:00 - 13:00 IIA,X: C2, C112
  • 13:30-14:30
    • IIE1, IIE2: C309
    • IIB: C112, C2

  • Structure: 7 seminars, 6 laboratories.
  • Final score: 3*SA + 3*LA + 2*T1 + 2*T2:
    • SA = seminar activity (max 10 points)
    • LA = laboratory activity (max 10 points)
    • T1 - written test in week 8, T2 - written test during the examination session;
    • Minimal conditions for passing the exam: SA >=5, LA >=5, TS1 >=5, TS2 >=5, final score >=50
    The grade for seminar activitity (SA) represents the average of the grades for 2 written tests. 2 bouns points can be obtained for answers and solutions to problems during seminars.
    The grade for laboratory Activity (LA) represents the average of the grades for a laboratory test and a project.

  • Every student must attend the laboratories and seminars with the group he/she is registered in (no actvity/test/homework will be graded when attending classes with other groups).
  • Any extrordinary situation that might require attending the seminar/laboratory with other group must be announced (the laboratory teacher will establish the way in which te activity must be re-scheduled)
  • Tests cannot be rescheduled.
  • The seminary written tests cannot be re-taken during the re-examnination session!
  • If the laboratory project is presented after the deadline, a 2 point penalty
  • will be applied.
  • Special information for students who failed the exam in the past 3 years: any of the grades over 5 obtained in the previous years (SA, LA, T1, T2) can be taken into account this year. Please send an email (at the begining of week 8) to announce what component grades you want to keep from previous years (do not forget to mention the year when the grade was obtained and the group you were registered in at that time).
    The results from 2017-18: II, IIE, III