Future Events

Events at the Faculty Of Computer Science, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi in 2022
We are proud to announce below our future scientific and dissemination events. Get in touch with the organisers to see how you can help, contribute or participate!

Innovation Labs 2022
February-July, 2022
Innovation Labs invites young professionals to explore the potential of bleeding-edge technologies to solve real problems, for real people - by developing a Minimum Viable Product. Program partners open for participants an arena for experimenting with dedicated IT&C solutions and infrastructures of the future. Explore and catch their interest with your insight and potential!
Contact: Coca Georgiana - cocageorgiana@gmail.com, Cristian Simionescu - cristian@nexusmedia.ro, Lenuța Alboaie – adria@info.uaic.ro

Internships 2022
February-June, 2022
In February, the Faculty of Computer Science, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University launches the 18th edition of the annual internships for IT&C students from all over Romania. The organization of these internships will be done together with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and it will be online live broadcasted to ensure the largest access possible.
Contact: Andrei Panu – andrei.panu@info.uaic.ro

FII Practic
March - May 2022
The 9th edition of FII-Practic, jointly organised by ASII – the Association of Computer Science Students from Iasi and the Faculty of Computer Science of Iasi (FII), offers students and high school pupils in the North-East region of Romania the possibility to participate in 7 different trainings in hot areas (FullStack Development, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Game Development, AR/VR, Web Design, Softskills), each of them to be finalised through the completion of a project, in the FII Practic Conference or the FII Practic Hackathon (24 hours of coding in teams, to solve a community problem).
Contact: fiipractic@asii.ro

February - April 2022
FIICode is a national Computer Science contest organised by FII and ASII, in 2022 at the 6th edition. Around 350 high school and/or university students will compete individually in the 3 online rounds of the Algorithms section or in teams consisting of 2-4 participants in the online round of the Web Technologies or Mobile sections.
Contact: hello@fiicode.com

Spring School
April 2022
Faculty of Computer Science and Orange, through Orange Educational Program, organize between April 11th-15th the Spring School for students on topics such as: Cloud Computing (Applications, Security), Mobile communications, 5G systems and IoT. The program enables the students to put in practice the theoretical concepts learnt at the Faculty, acquiring, at the same time, technical skills, team-working abilities and improving their communication skills in a professional working environment.
Contact: adria@info.uaic.ro, gabriel.papuc@orange.com

November 2022
The International Conference on Linguistic Resources and Tools for Processing the Romanian Language, jointly organised by the Faculty of Computer Science (UAIC-FII), and the Romanian Academy through the Institute for Artificial Intelligence "Mihai Drăgănescu" (AR-ICIA), Bucharest along with the Institute of Computer Science Iasi (AR-IIT), is targeted to all researches, as well as students at all levels, interested about the domain of Language Technologies with a special accent on the Romanian language. The domain is vital in solving the problem of the still existing online language barriers and it is addressed in Horizon 2021 (ITC 17) and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programs.
Contact: Dan Cristea – dcristea@info.uaic.ro

Consortiu Universitaria
February, November 2022
The aim of the Consortium is the cooperation of the partner universities to raise the level of scientific and educational activities, in order to recognize their prestige at a national and international level and to classify them in the category of universities of reference in Europe, initiating the improvement of the legal framework of the university teaching process and of the university scientific research, as well as the unitary defining of the university curriculum and the minimum standard for it and the titles and qualifications earned after graduation.
Contact: Adrian Iftene – adiftene@info.uaic.ro

Please also check the organised events and other activities carried out within the iTransfer Center.

iTransfer Innovation and Technology Transfer Center
The iTransfer Innovation and Technology Transfer Center is a research, innovation, and technology transfer infrastructure under the coordination of the Faculty of Computer Science within the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. The iTransfer Center supports the academic environment, the industrial one, and entrepreneurial initiatives of students at Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels, in the direction of new product development, together with the academic staff from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi.