A high-level scientific conference

Organized every year in a different country, the International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS) has a long standing tradition. The first conference was organised in 1992 and, ever since, the conference is organised yearly in locations varying between Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

The scientific research field of the conference is at the origin of major trends in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation stemming from Conceptual Graphs, Formal Concept Analysis, Existential Graphs and many more.

We are pleased to announce that the 21st edition of ICCS will be held in Iasi, Romania. Chosen to organise ICCS 2014 the Faculty of Computer Science of Iasi has a good international and national visibility.

As organisers of ICCS 2014 we are pleased to invite local authorities, scientific research organisations, hospitals, small enterprises and international firms to sponsor this major event an d benefit from its international visibility, media coverage and economic repercussions.

We offer you 4 sponsorship models detailed below. Depending on your needs and ideas we can also propose "a la carte" advantages.

Bronze Sponsorship (value 500 euros exclusive of tax)

  • Logo printed on the ICCS scientific program
  • Logo and presentation displayed on the Sponsors section of the ICCS 2014 Web pages

Silver Sponsorship (value 1000 euros exclusive of tax)

  • Bronze Sponsorship advantages
  • Banner / roll-up permanently showed during the ICCS 2014 events
  • Logo printed on the ICCS 2014 poster
  • Logo on ICCS 2014 bag

Gold Sponsorship (value 2000 euros exclusive of tax)

  • Silver Sponsorship advantages
  • Display board/partition wall to present information material at the conference venue
  • Mention of Company name as main sponsor in all mass-media ICCS 2014 announcements

Platinum Spronsorship (value 4000 euros exclusive of tax)

  • Gold Sponsorship advantages
  • Logo displayed on the main ICCS 2014 webpage
  • Logo on all ICCS 2014 (social) event invitations
  • Free conference participation for two persons including ICCS dinner
  • Flyer distributed together with the ICCS materials.

Any other kind of advertising will be considered. For more information on sponsorship agreement and payment information please contact ICCS 2014 Sponsorship Department: corinfor@info.uaic.ro

Payment information will be mailed to you afterwards.