Gabriel Ciobanu

Research Interests / Directions

Curriculum Vitae (Sept.2017)

  • Formal Methods for Distributed and Concurrent Systems:

      process calculi, semantics, logics, bisimulations, verification;
      introducing timed distributed pi-calculus and TiMo (Timed Mobility);
      mobile ambients with timers modelling network protocols;
      encoding mobile ambients into the pi-calculus and membrane computing;
      faithful pi-nets for asynchronous pi-calculus and jc-nets.
      metric denotational semantics with continuations for concurrency.
  • Membrane Systems (Natural Computing):

      modelling and simulation, molecular networks, molecular interaction;
      several systems of mobile membranes, emphasizing the power of endocytosis and exocytosis;
      distributed algorithms over membrane systems, and links to evolutionary algorithms;
      causality and reversing computation in membrane systems and intensive parallel systems;
      defining the formal semantics of membrane systems, and implementing membranes on clusters of computers;
      using membranes to describe various biological processes (e.g., the sodium-potassium pump, immune system).
  • Bridging Membrane Computing and Process Calculi

      encoding both mobile ambients and brane calculi into mobile membranes;
      encoding mobile membranes into coloured Petri nets (and verifying various systems by using CPN tools);
      extending some notions from process calculi to membrane systems (e.g., behavioural equivalences).
  • Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science: Finitely Supported Mathematics

      a new set theory in which any infinite structure has a finite support (expressed by permutation invariance);
      starting from the Fraenkel-Mostowski permutative model of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory with atoms;
      connections to the logical notions of A.Tarski, Erlangen program of F.Klein, admissible sets and Gandy machines;
      inconsistency of choice axiom and other choice principles in Finitely Supported Mathematics.
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