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Human Computer Interaction 2010

Homework Description 

Solve the common findability problem a student faces by imagining the perfect search UX for our Faculty. There are no technical limitation that must be considered. The search results could integrate pages, graphics, calculations, profile pictures, maps to labs room, semantic data, etc.

Deadline: Week 7 (12—18 APR 2010)

Criteria: Creativity, Intuitivism, Execution

Three use cases must be covered for the homework, each use case being represented by a mockup/prototype. The sources will be provided for every deliverable.

You can check out the Homework evaluation Results.

Mockup Example

Mockup comment: Firefox 4.0 mockup

Mockup credits: Mozilla

For the mockup creation you could use free tools like Inkscape, GIMP, Aviary, etc.

Prototypes can be made using XHTML, CSS, JS, etc.

Illustration taken from Search Patterns by Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender.

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