User Experience Of The Future
  1. Vizoo - Cheoptics360

    The system creates truly 3 dimensional images that can be seen clearly from all angles. The Cheoptics360 uses a four-sided pyramid made of transparent material at which specially formatted videos are projected to create 3D images.

  2. Music Technology Group - reacTable

    The reacTable is an collaborative electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop Tangible User Interface.

  3. Perceptive Pixel - Multi-Touch Interaction

    Multi-Touch Interaction sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations. Such sensing devices are inherently also able to accommodate multiple users simultaneously, which is especially useful for larger interaction scenarios such as interactive walls and tabletops.

    Multi-Touch Interaction
  4. Microsoft - Surface

    Microsoft Surface is an interactive tabletop which allows a user, or multiple users, to manipulate digital content by the use of natural motions, hand gestures, or physical objects by putting them on the surface.

    Microsoft Surface Map Microsoft Surface Drink
  5. Microsoft Live Labs - Photosynth

    Photosynth Technology is a new way to view photos on a computer. The software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and then displays the photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next.

    Microsoft Photosynth
  6. Anand Agarawala - BumpTop

    Bumptop is takes the usual desktop metaphor to a 3D environment.

Film Interfaces
  1. Mark Coleran - screen, interface, motion & graphic design for film & television
    Mark Coleran 1 Mark Coleran 2 Mark Coleran 3 Mark Coleran 4 Mark Coleran 5 Mark Coleran 6 Mark Coleran 7 Mark Coleran 8 Mark Coleran 9 Mark Coleran 10 Mark Coleran 11
  2. Teknoel - graphical user interface design, film / video screen graphics

    (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Motion Picture - 2005)

    Teknoel 1 Teknoel 2 Teknoel 3
  3. Toby Glover - Zero One
  4. Scarab Digital
  5. BlackBox Digital
    BlackBox Digital - Minority Report
Christmas Gifts
  1. Spyke Wi-Fi Spy Robot ( 270$ ) - home security robots or pet sitters
    Spyke Wi-Fi Spy Robot
  2. Seiko Final Fantasy Watch ( 200$ ) - "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within", Dr. Aki's watch detects life-forms
    Seiko Final Fantasy watch
  3. Wrenchware ( 18$ ) - stainless steel fork (box wrench), spoon (pliers jaws) and knife (open-ended wrench)
  4. More gifts...