My Research

Research Topics

The main focus of my research is natural language semantics, through semantic role labelling and its application in different areas of NLP, such as Question Answering, Summarization or Textual Entailment.

Another topic I am currently working on is Semantic Media Analysis and Sentiment Identification, in the context of Linked Open Data.

In order to get an insight on the challenges these NLP areas suppose, I have worked as a member in the Romanian team for the QA@CLEF competition since 2006, helped creating an evaluation gold for the internal evaluation of the Romanian system participating in the RTE4 competition.

Within the Institute for Computer Science, I have worked on analysing the structure of the Verbal and Nominal Group and on automatically identifying the structure of JRC-ACQUIS documents. In parallel, I worked on developing the web page and the sound archive for the Archive for the Romanian Sounds.

However, the domain that always attracted me, and that I would most probably get to finally work on, is ambient intelligence (see the Wikipedia definition). For me, this means building challenging devices that try to understand, predict and interact with humans as least as better as humans understand, predict or interact themselves. Or, in fewer words, doing practical stuff, that people can "play" with :)

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  • Women's Annual Science and Technology Distinction for Young Researchers 2015, awarded for outstanding achievements in scientific research by STAGES, the Center for Gender Equality in Science.
  • The "Investor Award for the project with the highest economic potential" at BringITon! 2010 "Workshop on assessing the connections between the computer science research and the industry" for the project "Question Answering System"
  • Diploma and Golden Medal at the 13th International Salon of Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer INVENTICA 2009, for "Sounds Database Archive - Annotation and Documentated Recordings for Romanian Spoken Language"

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Ongoing Projects

I currently work on the following projects:

Name Description Role Since
MUCKE Multimedia And User Credibility Knowledge Extraction Researcher for UAIC February 2013

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Past Projects

In the last years, I have been part of the team of several projects:

Name Description Role From.. To..
SEM-NLP Natural language processing applications using semantic roles Coordinator for IIT 2011-2013
METANET4U Enhancing the European Linguistic Infrastructure Researcher for UAIC 2011-2013
eDTLR (webpage in Romanian) Transforming the Romanian Language Thesaurus Dictionary in electronic format Researcher for IIT 2007-2009
INTELCHIM Modelling and automatic control using artificial intelligence tools for applications in chemistry and process engineering Researcher for IIT 2007-2009
Research grant for PhD Students Natural Language Processing using Semantic Roles Project Coordinator for UAIC 2007-2008
e-Manage Developing Romania's ability to integrate in programs, platforms and European networks in the domain of virtual and distributed systems of design and management of the research Financial Responsible and Researcher for UAIC 2006-2008
LT4eL Language Technology for eLearning Researcher for UAIC 2006-2008
SIR-RESDEC Open Domain Question Answering System for Romanian and English Researcher for UAIC September 2007
ROTEL Intelligent systems for the Semantic Web, based on ontologies logic and language technologies. Applications for the Romanian Language Researcher for UAIC 2006-2008

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Several papers written for different projects are on my Publication page!