Not-so-serious stuff

They say every personal web page should have something personal, so.. I'll try to give here some hints about what I like or dislike.

That's me

just me What's to say about me? I'm 30 years old, married, Aries, thus very stubborn and impulsive, optimist, ambitious and "born leader" - I haven't tested the last part yet :).

  • Favourite pet these days: gecko the penguin
  • Favourite words: "complicated" or "impossible".. it challenges me to check if true
  • Favourite action: "to share", as in sharing Chinese food, crazy ideas, or life's little moments with my husband and our friends
  • Fears: fear of flight -> not at all; fear of oblivion -> bigger than it should; fear of failure -> constant

Where I've been

Just as everyone who can't afford to take a life-time holiday to visit the world, I try to combine business with pleasure. Thus, I like to keep track of the places that I have visited.

Some benchmarks from my trips:

  • The street I liked most so far: Northgate Street in Chester, U.K.
  • The city I liked most so far: Seoul, South Korea Prague, Czech Republic
  • The beach I liked most so far: Elafonisi, Crete, Greece
  • The most interesting people I've seen so far: the Moroccans
  • Countries where I would like to live (from what I've seen so far): South Korea, France, Germany?, ...

Some nice pictures taken across the world are on my Picasa page

Well.. that's about all, folks! :)