Romanian Academy in EFNIL (European Federation of National Institutions for Language). Perspectives

Abstract: Romania, through the Romanian Academy, was invited to be part of EFNIL (European Federation of National Institutions for Language –, so that the Romanian language could be present in the wider context of the EU’s language policies.

The EFNIL’s objectives include: to promote European linguistic diversity as a means of preserving and extending the richness of European culture; to support the European national languages as the best guarantors of linguistic opportunity within their respective member states; to support the European language organisations in their roles as centres of excellence for linguistic analysis and description and as advisory bodies on language policy to relevant political institutions; to facilitate the exchange of information and the development and promotion of joint European linguistic research projects between language institutions (see EFNIL’s principles).
All these objectives are achievable through continuous collaboration between the linguistic and IT specialists, which is also observable in the joint projects of the EFNIL member institutions. Romanian Academy’s participation in EFNIL also allows the collaboration through the information exchange in order to digitalize the Romanian research in this field.

Membership ensures Romania’s participation in international projects dedicated to preserving the linguistic and cultural identity of the member countries, as well as promoting plurilingualism, in the context of globalization.