Liviu Ciortuz - Teaching Duties
Associate Professor
Computer Science Department, University of Iasi, Romania



        - Introduction: slides (see what you should know…)
        - Pairwise Sequence Alignment:
slides (see how to read…)
        - Hidden Markov Models: slides 
        - HMMs for Pairwise Sequence Alignment: slides (
see how to read…)
        - Multiple Sequence Alignment using Profile HMMs: slides (see how to read…)
        - Multiple Sequence Alignment: slides

        - Building Phylogenetic Trees: slides


        - Exam exercises 2004-2009, and this year’s results



Machine Learning

        - Statistical Foundations: slides
        - Introduction to Machine Learning: slides
        - Decision Trees: slides
        - Learning by General-to-Specific Ordering: slides
        - Instance Based Learning: slides
        - Artificial Neural Networks: slides
        - Support Vector Machines: slides
        - Bayesian Learning: slides
        - Hidden Markov Models: slides
        - Clustering Algorithms: slides

        - Computational Learning Theory: slides
        - Evaluating Hypotheses: slides

        - Reinforcement Learning: slides
        - Boosting: (see Marta Gardea's web page for the slides)
        - Co-training: slides

        - Suggested practical homeworks

        - Exam exercises 2004-2009, and this year’s results



Applications of ML into Statistical Natural Language Processing

        - Language Modeling: slides
        - Part of Speech Tagging: slides
        - Parsing with Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars:

                Cocke-Younger-Kasami Algorithm: slides
Earley algorithm: slides
        - Word Sense Disambiguation: slides

        - [ Deductive Parsing: slides ]



[Master II:]

        - SVMs for microRNAs identification: slides, SYNASC’08 slides

        - Artificial Intelligence – Unification-based grammars: handouts, marks: 2009

        - The LIGHT compiler for large-scale unification grammars: slides