Liviu CIORTUZ:   Short Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Computer Science, 1996, University of Lille I, France.
Thesis: DF - A Feature Constraint Concurrent System with Application to Natural Language Processing.

Supervised by Prof. Jean-Paul Delahaye.

MSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, 1985, University of Iasi, Romania.
Thesis: Stochastic Variables and Martingal Processes.

Current position
Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department , University of Iasi, Romania.


    Machine Learning (2003-today), undergraduate level, and MSc level (2009-today)
    Bioinformatics (2006-today), undergraduate level, and MSc level (2005-2009)


Selected published papers

Research Interests

        I am interested in applying Machine Learning algorithms and techniques to the area of Bioinformatics and Natural Language Processing.

        Prior to this, I worked on applying implementation techniques from (constraint) Logic Programming to the compilation of (parsing with) unification grammars.

        Among the different systems I implemented, the most important one is LIGHT, a compiler for large-scale HPSG-like grammars.

        The LIGHT system is documented by a number of papers that I published mainly during 2002-2004. LIGHT is capable of running the LinGO ERG grammar for English developed at CSLI, University of Stanford. The system itself is under the copyright of DFKI Saarbruecken, Germany, and may be licensed for research purposes.

microRNA recognition,

malware detection (BitDefender),

computer games (McGnuGO).


Implemented systems

LIGHT - a compiler for head-driven parsing with unification grammars (C)

ilpLIGHT - a machine learning system for typed-unification grammars (C), based on adapting Inductive Logic Programming to feature-constraint (OSF) logic

LOGOS - an object-oriented framework to implement logic languages (C++), in particular Proplog, Datalog and Prolog

DF - a feature constraint concurrent language (Oz), in the framework of F-logic

CHALLENGER - a prototype Machine Translation system from English into Romanian (C/Oz)

HPSG RoCK - a parser for a HPSG subset of Romanian (Oz)


Co-designed systems

(not yet named) – a system for malware detection based on perceptrons and SVMs, currently used by the BitDefender antivirus engine to reduce the number of false alarms; co-designers and implementors: Dragos Gavrilut, Mihai Cimpoesu, Dan Anton

yasMiR – a SVM-based system for the identification of microRNAs; implementors: Daniel Pasaila (main author), Andrei Sucila, Irina Mohorianu, and Stefan Pantiru

McGnuGO – a program for playing GO, using the Monte Carlo machine learning method; main author and (single) implementor: Florin Chelaru


Previous positions

November 2002 - September 2003:

Research associate at the Computer Science Department of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK. Contributing to the BBSRC project ``Bio-Logical'': An intelligent database for functional genomics.

January 2001 - September 2002:

Research associate at the Computer Science Department of the University of York, UK. Worked on the EPSRC project ``Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing in a Computational Logic framework'': Inductive Logic Programming for automate learning of typed-unification grammars.

June 1997 - January 2001:

Senior researcher at the Language Technology Lab of DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, in Saarbrueken, Germany. Worked on the VERBMOBIL project; in charge with designing and implementing an abstract machine-based compiler for feature structure unification and head-corner parsing with large-scale constraint-based (HPSG-like) grammars.

October 1990 - June 1997:

Assistant and then lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science University of Iasi, Romania.

Given courses and seminaries:

    Statistical Natural Language Processing

(2004-2006), diploma level, and MS level (2003-2006)

    Machine Learning (1992-1994), diploma level
    Natural Language Processing (1990-1994), seminaries, diploma level
    Machine Translation
(compact course, October 2002), MS level
Concurrent Constraint Programming (1996-1997), MS level
    Database Systems (1990-1992), seminaries, diploma level
Object-oriented Software Engineering (1992-1994), diploma level
Mathematical Logic and Logic Programming (1991-1993), DEng level

November 1994 - December 1996:

part-time PhD student at University of Lille, France.

October 1985 - September 1990:

Research assitant at the Institute for Computer Science of the Romanian Academy, the branch of Iasi. Worked on a machine translation prototype system for English to Romanian. During October 1985 - September 1987: programmer at the ``Mechanica'' Factory, Bacau, Romania.

Programming languages mastered
C/C++, Prolog, Oz; some experience in SQL, Lisp, and Perl.

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