Web Application Development

course description & evaluation


The main objectives of the Web Application Development discipline focus on providing a general view regarding knowledge modeling in the context of the evolution towards the Web of data (aka linked data) and semantic Web.

The post-graduate students (first semester, Master studies at the Faculty of Computer Science, UAIC) will achieve both theoretical and practical understanding about the development of complex Web applications, including the (micro-)services, on the basis of the existing Web technologies by using various knowledge-based methods and models: meta-data, taxonomies, thesauri, and ontologies – for details, consult the main WADe topics.


The assessment procedure implies:

The assessment of each D and P components will provide 0—10 points – consult the list of requirements & deliverables. Each Ti and Ei, with i ∈ [1, 4], will be evaluated with maximum 2.5 points.

Grading formula is D * 0.3 + P * 0.5 + T * 0.1 + E * 0.1,
where T = sum(Ti : i ∈ [1, 4]) and E = sum(Ei : i ∈ [1, 4]).

In order to pass, an enrolled student must obtain minimum 5 points for all – D, P, T, and E – components.

Other aspects of interest