Human-Computer Interaction

practical projects


The most important requirements are:

Additional aspects regarding the project evaluation:

The interested teams could use the following special devices kindly provided by our graduates (former students enrolled to HCI discipline):

We also encourage positive critics and questions from the students.

Deliverables & calendar

Each student team must deliver the following resources, according to each project proposal.

The public presentation of the project has allocated maximum 10 minutes per team.

Midterm Deliverables—Design: D (20%) – Week #9
(Thu, 18 April, 14:00, C309)

Final Deliverables—Implementation: P (50%) – Week #14
(Thu, 30 May, 12:00, C309)

Project Reassessment
(Mon, 24 June, 13:00, C303)

  • Mandatory deliverables remain the same.

  • Each failed component will be reevaluated with a 2 point penalty.