Human-Computer Interaction

practical projects


The most important requirements are:

Additional aspects regarding the project evaluation:

We also encourage positive critics and questions from the students.

Deliverables & calendar

Each student team must deliver the following resources, according to each project proposal.

The public presentation of the project has allocated maximum 10 minutes per team.

Midterm Deliverables—Design: D (30%) – Week #9

Final Deliverables—Implementation: P (50%) – Week #14

  • Full (or at least partial) implementation of the project.

  • A usability testing HTML5 document (for a number of 3—5 real/potential tested users), including a report about W3C/WAI Web Accessibility Evaluation and Testing.

  • An academic report regarding the provided solution, available in Scholarly HTML format, plus various interactive prototypes (as bonus).

  • The application user guide – also available as a Scholarly HTML document with screen-captures (explaining at least 2 storyboards/use-cases) – and a video demonstration (maximum 5 minutes, at HD quality).

  • These resources will be available on the same public blog, wiki and/or personal Web site presented at the midterm assessment.