Research Activity of Sabin-Corneliu Buraga

The main field of interest and scientific research is World Wide Web. I also have backgrounds in Human-Computer Interaction and Semantic Web.

Since 2004, I hold the title of Doctor in Information Sciences at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi – title of thesis: "The Multimedia Objects Manipulation Techniques on Internet". The thesis' goal was the development of the specific techniques for spatio-temporal manipulation of multimedia objects on Web, using different formalisms (such as different temporal logics), with the help of RDF constructs, in order to give support for the Semantic Web. An extended version of the Ph.D. thesis is published as a book regarding the foundations and applications of the Semantic Web.

In 2005, I received the "Gheorghe Cartianu" Award of the Romanian Academy for outstanding scientific contributions published in 2003.

I wrote or edited some books mainly regarding different aspects of the World-Wide Web space. I was an editor of the Web series published by Polirom. Also, I am involved in certain research projects – latest interests concern the Web interaction in the context of Linked Data.

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