GAEN Advanced Talker Server

Latest news:
GAEN project is officially canceled.
GAEN M (18.2) final version is available!


GAEN Talker Server is based on NUTS 3.3.3 original program, but it has many important and useful additions implemented by Sabin-Corneliu Buraga.

GAEN Talker Server consists mainly in:

  • GAEN Dimensions - multiple skies dimensions

  • GAEN Mirror - four faces of same talker

  • GAEN Natural Chat - ability to express natural language constructs

  • GAEN Gala - advanced security, management of users

  • GAEN Simple Language - powerful programming features: run commands files, test and cycle statements, user private variables

  • GAEN Events - event-driven talker, watch users facility

  • GAEN Shell - minimal set of shell commands (e.g. ls, cp, more, cd, chmod, grep, tail, who, stat, ps and other useful build-in UNIX shell commands)

  • GAEN Games - Hangman, Puzzle, Paintball and Fit

  • GAEN Distribution - free distribution of GAEN sources and additional files for UNIX (Linux)

  • GAEN Easy Compile - easy compiling script for multiple UNIX platforms

  • GAEN Flexible - enhanced flexible features for administrating, configurating and using the talker server

For a more detailed technical description of GAEN Server, please read this paper: "GAEN – An Advanced Concurrent Teleconferencing System", presented at SACCS'98 Symposium on Automatic Control and Computer Science, Iasi, November 1998 (available in PDF format).



Original implemented concepts:

  • multiple dimensions

  • mirror chat

  • user "tones" and "stereo" "voices"

  • socials, macros and hints

  • GSL - GAEN Script Language (version 4.2)

  • gsh - GAEN SHell (version 2.7)

  • events

  • hidden skies and message boards

  • blackhole

  • autosave user details facility

  • quotes (total of 700 quotes)

  • users' multiple environment files

  • watch users

  • secure passwords

  • restrictions

  • execute commands files

  • swear file control

  • management of users

  • greetings at pre/post-login time

  • fun: prayers, guessing, kill methods, DILI mirror

  • internal hosts file

  • commands aliases

  • games: Hangman - more than 7000 words in two (Romanian and English) dictionaries, Puzzle, Paintball and Fit

  • user notes

  • identification of users (real account and e-mail address)

  • transparency of superior users

  • command line arguments

  • superior level users notification system

Some additions to old NUTS commands/features are:

  • more information showed by .prompt, .system, .allclones, .who, .examine, .people, .status, .help, .site

  • optional arguments accepted by .quit, .wake, .entpro, .map, .kill, .logging, .clearline, .minlogin, .rmsn, .rmst, .topic, .examine

  • multiple and detailed logging files

  • more parameters in config file

  • get exact/real name of users

  • colours impact

  • more short-cuts

  • enhanced swearing control

  • global muzzle system

  • more help topics

  • new mail checking and counting of mail messages facility

  • .charecho was replaced by .terminal, .swban by .swears and .ignall by .ignore (you can ignore certain users)

  • variable number of paged lines and auto-wrapping lines on dumb terminals

Other interesting and useful facilities:

  • pre-loaded default topics

  • much flexible .afk and new .listafks command

  • ASCII fun pictures

  • help commands available by level

  • substitution of true site/level

  • user/clone rename facility

  • boss .alert concept

  • .lock session facility

  • safety delete files

  • beep tell

  • list of users logins/logouts

  • list of all or some talker's users (output XML documents support)

  • hackers attack security

  • dynamic change of commands' level of access

  • auto-showing hints at help facility

  • pseudo-variables which replace some users' information at .desc, .examine or .who

  • different script files for checking GAEN configuration and easily compiling GAEN sources



GAEN is available under GNU General Public License.

GAEN Distribution is available as open source code in the following distribution: the GAEN M (18.2) version (August 1996 - May 2002). This version is available in .tar.gz format (unpack with gunzip and tar -xf commands at the UNIX shell prompt):

  • gaen_M_18_2.tar.gz talker files (sources, config, data, help, additional files) - about 350K

Actually, the GAEN project is canceled. The GAEN code is not longer maintained.

Compiling advices

To understand some things, you must have some familiarity with NUTS and you must read first the NUTS original documentation files (not included in this distribution). Then, read the documentation files included within GAEN Distribution package. To compile the sources, you may use easy.compile, a fast and portable shell (sh) script file written by Victor Tarhon-Onu.

If you prefer a direct method, type cc gaen.c -ogaend -O2 (for RedHat 5 or later, you must compile with -lcrypt optional parameter; for Sun Solaris, -lsocket -lnsl, also), then use go (or gaend) to boot up the server. We provide a simple Makefile, too.

Then, you must create an administration account: type gaen -b Name. After this, to connect to talker server, you may use telnet localhost 7000, type Name as a name and Name as a password. Enjoy!

Old versions

An older GAEN distribution is still available for download: GAEN M (18) version (August 1996 - December 2001):

  • gaen_M_18.tar.gz talker files (sources, config, data, help, additional files) - about 335Kb



The main authors of this software are:

  • Neil Robertson: (UK) - the original author of NUTS talker server (Neil does not contribute to GAEN in any way)

  • Sabin-Corneliu Buraga: (Romania) - the main author of GAEN Advanced Talker Server and the person behind all implemented GAEN concepts

  • Victor Tarhon-Onu: (Romania) - the author of some portions of GAEN code and the main author of easy.compile script

Also, thanks for help and support to Stefan Ludovic Kocsis (aka Beavis), Sergiu Craciun (aka Billy), Bogdan Craciun (aka Ulen) and many other persons involved in this project over the years!

Many thanks to Victor Tarhon-Onu (aka Mituc)!

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