Lab 5

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Exercising join and set operators

  1. Show all pairs of students and the difference in their age in days. Order ascending based on age differences. Do not compare a student with himself.
  2. Show possible connections between students and instructors. A student and an instructor may be connected if their family names (last_name) have the same length (number of characters). Print student's and instructor's last names.
  3. Show the (difficult) courses for which all students' grades are less than or equal to 8.
  4. Show the students who have all the grades greater than or equal to 7.
  5. Show the students who received a 7 or a 10 at OOP in a Tuesday.
  6. An exam session is identified by the month and the year it was organized. Write the first and last names for the students who passed the exams, the grades they received and the exam session as a string "MONTH, YEAR" (eg."JUNE, 2015"). Create one extra column where you will show the "+" sign if the month has less than thirty days (null entry otherwise).