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My research interests are mostly related to the programming languages research area. As a Ph.D. student I have worked in the development of K, a framework for defining the formal semantics of programming languages. My PhD thesis consisted in developing language parametric symbolic execution on top of the K framework (bundled with K-3.4).

Also, in my thesis I became interested in program verification and I have used my symbolic execution framework to verify some program properties. This particular work lead to a procedure for program verification based on symbolic execution.

During my postdoc at INRIA Lille-Nord Europe I have proved in Coq that my procedure for verification is sound. The Coq implementation provides now a framework for program verification.

After my postdoc, I obtained a lecturer position at the University of Iasi, in the Computer Science Department. In order to continue my work on program verification I have applied for (and obtained) a research grant for young researchers - funded by the University (details here).






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