Computer Networks

Dr. Andrei Panu | andrei.panu - at -

Week 1

Laboratory: Recap knowledge regarding Operating Systems

Resources: Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet (Cheatography) | Linux Commands Cheat Sheet (Red Hat) | Linux Command Reference (FOSSwire) | Bash scripting cheat sheet | Quick Introduction to C Programming | C File I/O through System Calls | C File I/O through Library Functions | Cygwin Project | Windows Subsystem for Linux | IDEs for C/C++ Programming on Linux

Various info: Linux Now Dominates Azure | Watch Fish Swim By Petabytes of Data At Microsoft's Underwater Data Center | Explore a Google Data Center

Week 2

Laboratory: Process Management & Inter-process Communication via Signals

Resources: 8 Linux commands for effective process management | Linux Process Management Simplified | Linux System Programming: Processes | Linux Standard Signals | The Real Reason to not Use SIGKILL

Week 3

Laboratory: Inter-process Communication via PIPEs/FIFOs & Duplicate File Descriptors

Resources: Linux System Programming: PIPEs/FIFOs | Duplicate File Descriptors | An Introduction to Linux IPC | An Introduction to Linux IPC (video)