Ongoing Projects

Research Contracts

PrivateSky (2016-2021)*

Details: POC-A1-A1.2.3-G-2015, P_40_371, Dezvoltare experimentală în parteneriat public privat pentru crearea de platforme cloud autohtone cu caracteristici avansate de protecție a datelor - Tip de proiect - Parteneriate pentru transfer de cunoștințe

Description: The main objective of PrivateSky project is the transfer of information towards the IT industry. The information is the result of the research carried out by Computer Science Faculty from "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iași (UAIC). The new idea promoted by this project is applied thanks to the use of an innovative Cloud architecture relying on executable choreographies meant to develop new technologies, tools and methods to develop the software in cloud. The objective of the project is reached through the establishment of a PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform, entitled PrivateSky, in collaboration with at least 6 SME companies (small and medium-sized enterprises), software developers interested in using the above mentioned technologies. During the entire project, there should be mixed teams of both UAIC researchers and specialists in IT, trying to shape the "ecosystem" meant to meet the views of the market's requirements.

*in collaboration with IT&C industry

Collaborations in mobility and cooperation contracts

Erasmus+ (2014-2020)

Details: Mobility Project for Higher Education Students and Staff with Partner Countries

Completed Projects

Research contracts

SIMAPS (2014-2015)*

Details: Sistem de monitorizare si asistenta pentru persoanele cu nevoi speciale, Programul Operational Sectorial „ Cresterea Competitivitatii Economice (POSCCE), Nr. 104/17.11.2014

Description: The UAIC team was responsible for integrating the patients' monitoring modules with the data management module, as well as providing the system operability in cloud.

*in collaboration with IT&C industry

roGSEM (2012-2013)

Details: PN II CI 168 – Cloud semantic engine for governmental heterogeneous information from multiple data sources

Description: The UAIC team has created a cloud platform based on semantic processing technologies. The platform was developed in partnership with an industrial entity and it has provided real time information on Romanian government regulations from official sources.

StarWorth (2007-2008)

Details: Grant for Young Researchers, Type: Human Resource (TD-160, 2007-2008)

TELEMON (2007-2010)

Details: PC-D 10 067 / 14.09.2007 "TELEMON - Advanced Real-Time System for Telemonitoring of Patients" - Partnership Program (PNCDI PN II) Research Grant

Structural Funds Projects

CompetIT&C (2014-2015)

Details: POSDRU ID. 138873, project "Programe de studii flexibile si competitive pentru IT&C in Regiunea de Dezvoltare Nord-Est" (CompetIT&C)

POSDRU/87/1.3/S/51391 (2010-2013)

Details: POSDRU ID 51391 (Human Resources Development Operational Program), "Interregional Training Network in e-learning system for teachers from the preuniversitary education", Prority Axis 1, Key Area of Intervention 1.3

POSDRU ID 31367 (2009-2011)

Details: POSDRU ID 31367, project "Practical training and activities to stimulate the insertion in the labor market for students and graduates"

Stagii pe Bune (2010-2011)

Details: POSDRU ID 3405 project - "Stagii pe BUNE" - Parteneriat național pentru implementarea proiectelor firme facultă i în vederea tranzi iei de la scoală la via a activă (pact)-

Collaborations in research contracts

MUCKE (2012-2015)

Details: ERA-NET 2 CHIST-ERA/01.10.2012, Partners: Austria, Franta, Turcia; Project Title: MUKE - Multimedia and User Credibility Knowledge Extraction

CNCSIS Grant Ideas ID 1146 (2010)

Details: "Reducing Benefits in sports activities on school violence", Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, CNCSIS Grant Ideas ID 1146, Project Manager Prof. PhD. Ioan Iacob

PN2 1083 (2009-2010)

Details: "Alternative Security Technologies for Distributed Applications", project ideas PN2 1083, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Project Manager Prof. PhD. Eng. Mircea-F. Vaida

Collaborations in mobility and cooperation contracts

IANUS II (2013-2017)

Details: Inter-Academic Network Erasmus Mundus II

EMERGE (2011-2014)

Details: Erasmus Mundus European Mobility with Neighbouring Region in the East

EDEN (2012-2014)

Details: Erasmus Mundus Academic Network – EDEN (Erasmus Mundus Action 2)

IANUS (2012-2016)

Details: Inter-Academic Network Erasmus Mundus – IANUS (Erasmus Mundus Action 2)