Week 3

Week 4

  • Course
  • Laboratory [Online]: RESTFull APIs
    • Tema 2 se va incarca la linkul pe care l-ati furnizat in formularul de inscriere. Pe langa cod, realizati un film de prezentare (inclusiv audio) in care sa demonstrati functionalitatile implementate. Filmul de prezentare il veti incarca la aceeasi adresa - [Deadline] 15 Martie 2020, ora 24.00. Cei care au predat Tema 2, in data de 10.03.2020 - 16-18 nu trebuie sa mai creeze acest film de prezentare.

Indicatii asupra modului de lucru On-line

Pe pagina de noutati se vor afisa toate detaliile privind modul de lucru online in cadrul laboratoarelor si cursurilor de Cloud Computing.

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

  • [Online] Course: Windows Azure(I+II)
  • Laboratory: Discussions over Homework [3] - developing applications using Google App Engine - Standard&Flexible Environment
  • Obs. In order to contribute to iTransfer center (Faculty of Computer Science Center for Technological Transfer) fill the following form.

Week 8 [April 8-9, 2020]

  • Course & Laboratory was recoverd in advance in Week 2'.
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Orange, through Orange Educational Program, organize in April 8th -9th the Spring School for students on topics Cloud Computing (Applications, Security)
  • Notice: The topics addressed in the SpringSchool cover one direction addressed in our courses (Introduction to Cyber Security Applicable to the Cloud, The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack) and participation in them is considered as advance recovery of this.
  • All details regarding participation to these courses are given through your email.
  • This week is a good moment to start to think to your final project that will respect the following requieremens
  • .

Week 9

  • For this course we will use Zoom . The link wil be available on our Discord server.
  • [Online] Course [April, 14 (08:00 - 10:00)] - Containers&Kubernets presentation in collaboration with Liviu Costea (SRE Tech Lead- Mambu)
  • Resources:
    • Kubernets overview
    • Exercises
    • Notices:
      • For this course please activate a free account on Azure
      • Install the Azure CLI
      • Install and Set up kubectl
        • Parameters that need to be completed:
        • - name: k8s--infoiasi
        • - for node size, they can leave it like this or even choose the B2, which is smaller, but good enough
        • - node count - here it is ok to set only 1, so they don't finish their credits too fast
        • - version: 1.15.10 which is the default, it is ok
        • - resource group: better to create a new, distinctive one, like Cloud-Computing-Kubernetes-Course
        • - dns prefix will be filled with the same value as the name
        • - region: it is ok (Europe) France Central
    • Supplimentary resources:
    • Laboratory: Developing applications using Windows Azure & Homework[4]
    • Resources:
    • Register your final project proposal here.

Week 10 [April 27 - May 1, 2020]

  • Course was recoverd in Week 8 [April 8-9, 2020].
  • Laboratory:
    • Disscusions over final projects architectures and requierements.
    • Disscusions over Homework 4 using Windows Azure.
      • Homework 5 - Write a technical report that should contain the following documents:
      • a case study that reports the proposed project to the international/national reality
      • technical details (architecture, technologies, marketing approaches) about existing solutions close to the one proposed by your team
      • overview of technologies you wish to use and motivate your choices
      • business canvas for the proposed solution
      • architectural diagram for the proposed solution
      • use-case diagrams for your project
      • APIs (should be done in respect to the OpenApi specifications, using SwaggerHub) & functionality flows documentation

Week 11 [May, 05, 2020]

Week 12 [May, 12, 2020]

Week 13 [May, 19, 2020]

  • Course: Cloud Computing - vision over various technological aspects
  • Laboratory: Final Project Evaluations with the associated bonnus.

Final Project Evaluation(s)

Obs. Please verify this page for more updates.

. Also on our Discord channel there are all details that you need.


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