Regulations for ASET 2017-2018

  1. Presence at labs is not mandatory. Students will receive point for presence ONLY at labs where they will show something about the project on which they work.
  2. At ASET labs will be proposed themes, each with a deadline for submission. They will be available on the website on the day of the lab.
  3. The solutions to these problems can be presented by the proposed deadline, after which no longer receive.
  4. Students who presented at least partial solution to an issue can leave the remainder of the laboratory.
  5. Working at the lab will be interactive, it can be sent to any technical questions. Interest in a topic and the attempt to solve the subject on the duration of the lab will attract implicit getting a score.
  6. Scores that can be obtained at a theme are:
    bullet Under 4 points: a tentative, partial failure.
    bullet Between 5 and 10 points: for a partial correct solution.
    bullet Over 10 points: a special solution.
    bullet -5 points: attempted fraud (providing solutions to colleagues, solutions taken from other colleagues or from Internet, etc.);
    (repeated fraud attempts may lead to failure to promote discipline and proposal for expulsion).
  7. Additional points can be obtained for any non-trivial applications which uses Software Engineering techniques in solving other projects made for different purposes and presented in the lab. When providing extra points for special solutions or other personal applications, their sources will be sent via e-mail.
  8. Choosing project theme will start from 1st week until the 3rd week. The project should be completed by the 14th week.
  9. Presentation of the project will be done in at least two stages: working (demo) and final phase (functional version).
  10. The final grade is calculated using the formula below:
    bullet 10*(lab_points + exam_points)/(max_lab_points_without_bonuses+max_exam_points) respecting the conditions:
    bullet 40% * max_exam_points <= exam_points
    bullet 60% * max_lab_points <= lab_points <= ∞
  11. The situation of accumulated points will appear weekly on the Web and should be consulted constantly. No complaints are allowed after the end of the semester.